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Virtucon Consultancy partners with regional and global customers to meet their business goals, while consistently delivering projects with outstanding performance that meet cost, schedule and quality targets.

With the extensive experience of our team and combined collaboration with you as our client, we can help you to achieve your goals more efficiently.

We understand your needs and we understand future technology. We understand the importance of aligning your information technology strategy with your technical needs and your future business goals. We have experience across a wide range of technology vendors and solutions enabling us to advise you on all or part of a comprehensive strategic solution. We are information technologists and business people; and we’re proud of our ability to translate technical outcomes into business benefits.

Whether your information system is large or small, your needs are the same – you expect it to perform correctly, do all you ask of it, and deliver the return on investment you’ve hoped for. Contact us to arrange a free consultation to discuss your IT needs today.

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Network Engineering

System Administration

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Virtucon’s expertise in Network Engineering, Systems Analysis, IT Management and Business Analysis is highly regarded.

Globex has experienced high quality results from Virtucon staff in all past projects and we look forward to working with them to achieve further high quality solutions to our needs.

Coco Vandeweghe